About NMT Protective Solutions Limited

NMT Protective Solutions is a subsidiary company of Nigeria Machine Tools Ltd., an ISO-certified Nigerian indigenous company established by the Nigeria Government in 1980 and subsequently privatised in 2007. It specialises in the production of personal protective equipment in the form of ballistic vests, helmets and panels or plates. The company comprises a Head Office in Lagos and a vast factory in Osogbo, Osun State in Western Nigeria.

We offer ballistic vests for your personal protection and for specialized defensive purposes. Where your product choices or specifications fall outside the wide range we have on offer, our designers are ready to customise or adapt models to suit your specific requirements. We make every effort to satisfy our customers with high quality, cost-effective products, delivered on schedule.

Our products are manufactured from high quality materials that have been tested and internationally certified.

These ballistic products are manufactured using state-of the-art technology from ultra-light ballistic materials such as kevlar Aramid Fibres, Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethelne (UHMWPE) Fibre or a combination thereof.

NMT Protective Solutions conducts regular market research exercises ranging from country profiling (political stability, potential threats, and country defense expenditures) to gather information on the latest advanced technologies for ballistic protection materials.

This ensures we provide our clients with the best ballistic protection possible.

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